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Application for Appointment to a Board or Commission

  1. City of Valparaiso Application for Appointment Form
    The City of Valparaiso invites the community to submit applications to serve on city boards and commissions, responsible for reviewing city plans and helping to shape decisions for Valparaiso’s future.
  2. Position Sought*
    **To ensure balanced representation, some Board/Commission/Committee appointments are mandated to require the disclosure of party affiliation.
  3. Are you a resident of Valparaiso? Note, most appointments require Valparaiso residency.*
  4. What is your political affiliation? Certain seats may be party-specific.
    Generally, party affiliation is determined by your ballot selection in the last primary election.
  5. Most Board/Commission/Committee meet monthly in the evening. If appointed, are you able to attend the days/times of the regularly scheduled meetings?*
  6. Form Submission
    Upon submission of this form, it becomes public record. Forms will be reviewed by the Mayor and City Council as vacancies occur. Note that some boards/commissions have longer terms than others and vacancies may not occur frequently.
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