2023 School Board Member Appointment

Applicants must be 21 years of age and must live within Valparaiso city limits.  

As provided in the August 7, 1957 Resolution approved by the School Trustees for both Valparaiso and Center Township, the board members appointed by the Valparaiso City Council must be residents of Valparaiso and “not more than a simple majority . . . shall be from the same political party”.  To determine party affiliation, Indiana Code § 36-1-8-10(b) provides:

Whenever a law or political subdivision's resolution requires that an appointment to a board be conditioned upon the political affiliation of the appointee, or that the membership of a board not exceed a stated number of members from the same political party, at the time of an appointment, one (1) of the following must apply to the appointee:

(1) The most recent primary election in Indiana in which the appointee voted was a primary election held by the party with which the appointee claims affiliation.

(2) If the appointee has never voted in a primary election in Indiana, the appointee is certified as a member of that party by the party's county chair for the county in which the appointee resides.

Currently, three of the four City Council appointees are considered Republicans.  As such, for the 2023 School Board appointment process, an applicant cannot be a Republican.  

The application form is available on-line until noon on April 21, 2023. Apply Here

2023 School Board Appointment Schedule

Public questions can be submitted to valposchoolboard@valpo.us until noon on May 10, 2023. 

2023 Round 2 Questions

May 15, 2023 - Agenda 

2023 Round 1 Questions

May 1, 2023 - Agenda

2023 Applicants

Overview of 2023 Process

2023 School Board Interview and Appointment Process

Enabling Resolutions Authorizing Appointment of School Board Members