2018 School Board Member Appointment

Applicants must be 21 years of age and must live within Valparaiso city
limits.State statute requires that the School Board must have at least one
member from each political party. Party affiliation is determined by the last
primary in which the applicant voted. The term of this appointment is four
Application forms will be available on-line and at the City Hall Clerk-
Treasurer’s Office from March 13 until NOON April 13. Applications should
be completed and/or returned to Clerk-Treasurer’s Office by the deadline.
Members of the community are invited to the March 12 City Council
meeting to hear the 2018 State of the Schools report given by Dr.
Frataccia, superintendent of VCS. There will be an opportunity for public
input following that report.
Following an Executive Session of City Council on April 16, six finalists will
be selected for interviews on May 7 and May 21. Before applying, please
be certain you are available for both interviews. The first individual
interview will be based on a bank of questions each applicant will receive
when his/her interview time is scheduled. The second interview will be a
panel of all applicants answering previously submitted questions from the
public. Following the panel interview, City Council will make its

2018 School Board Interview and Appointment Process

2018 School Board Appointment Calendar