After the Public Hearing is Closed


If the Plan Commission has made a decision on any proposal other than a subdivision approval, façade approval, or resolution, the proposal goes to the the City Council. If a decision has been made by the Board of Zoning Appeals, it is final unless an appeal is filed in the courts.

The commission or board can table a proposal and request additional information before a decision is made. If a decision has been tabled, the proposal is usually placed on the next agenda; however, the neighbors are not notified again.

Required Public Hearings

A public hearing is required by state law for:
  • Amendments to plans, zoning maps, and ordinances
  • Annexations
  • New ordinances
  • Planned unit developments (PUD)
  • Primary plats
  • Re-zonings
  • Special exceptions
  • Variances

For More Information

For more information, please contact the Planning Department at or (219) 462-1161.