Agency Information

The CALEA Accreditation Process is a proven modern management model. Once implemented, it presents the chief of police, on a continuing basis, with a blueprint that promotes the efficient use of resources and improves service delivery, regardless of the size, geographic location, or functional responsibilities of the agency.

Agencies can realize the following rewards of CALEA Accreditation:
  • Assists in agency’s pursuit of excellence
  • Comprehensive, well thought-out written directives
  • Improved relationship with the community
  • Limit liability and risk exposure
  • Preparedness program in place
  • Reports and analysis are used to make informed management decisions
  • Strengthen agency’s accountability

With input from all agency members, the goal of accreditation will be attained. The citizens we serve and employees we work with will all be rewarded with an outstanding police agency.

More Information
For more information on our CALEA accreditation, just ask us.