Chicago Dash

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November 10, 2023 12:30 PM

Courtesy Reminder for Dash Riders

This is a courtesy reminder that all dash route scheduled departure times are to leave brown street at the scheduled departure time. All purchased one way, ten ride and monthly passes are for 1 seat first come first serve. As a courtesy to your fellow riders. Please arrive on time before the bus departure time so the driver does not leave the parking lot without you! Please also allow open seats available for other riders to remain open. please do not place personal items in the seat next to you during any boarding location. You may purchase an extra seat from the driver for $9 if you are required more space then the purchased seat you have acquired. overhead storage bins are available for personal belongings or the under bus storage is also available if you request the driver to assist your to have the bay doors opened. Ten ride passes and Monthly passes are not valid for an extra seat on the bus each way. We ask that you please be courteous of your fellow passengers!

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