New Construction Fees

Guidelines for Figuring Fees

Fees are assessed based on the current building value data (BVD) as provided by the International Code Council (ICC). The permit fee is established by using the BVD table and a permit fee multiplier. The permit fee multiplier is based on the total construction value within this jurisdiction for the past year.

The current permit fee multiplier is 0.0017. The permit fee is determined using the building gross area, the square foot construction cost, and the permit fee multiplier.

Permit Fee = Gross Area x Square Foot Construction Cost x Permit Fee Multiplier


  • Type of Construction: VB
  • Use Group: R-3
    • First Floor: 1,500 square feet
    • Second Floor: 1,000 square feet
    • Basement: 1,500 square feet (unfinished)
    • Garage: 480 square feet
  • Living Areas: 2,500 square feet x $165.67 x 0.0017 = $704.10
  • Unfinished Basement: 1,500 square feet x $31.50 x .0017 = $80.33
  • Garage: 480 square feet x $64.19 x .0017 = $52.38

Permit Fee = $704.10 + $80.33 + $52.38 = $836.81


Please note: In addition to the permit fee, there is also an inspection/certificate of occupancy fee assessed.

More Information

For more information on calculating fees for new construction, please contact Rebecca Marlow by calling 219.462.1161.