COVID-19 Update

Inspections will be handled in the usual manner by calling 219-462-1161 and leaving inspection request voicemail.  It is preferred that permit applications be submitted via email to with plans and required documents attached or mailed to Valparaiso Building Department at 166 Lincolnway.  Permits will be issued by email.  Invoices will be included in email and payable within 10 business days.  Preferred payment method is by mail.  Failure to pay invoice by date due will result in delayed inspections. 

Permits and inspections are still required.


The Valparaiso Building Department is responsible for issuing building permits and performing inspections for construction and remodeling projects within the city limits.

Permits enable the city to enforce provisions of the Indiana Building Code and local ordinances. These codes provide a minimum standard for protection of life, health, property, and public welfare.

The Valparaiso Building Department also oversees contractor registration. Any contractor, sub-contractor, or specialty contractor working within the city limits must be registered with the city. In addition, the Building Department receives, assesses, and works to resolve code enforcement complaints and violations.