Accessible Seating for People with Disabilities


Every ChicaGo DASH bus has a wheelchair lift, and drivers are trained to help customers use the lift and secure their wheelchairs safely.

Boarding the Bus On the Lift

To use the lift, wait seven to 10 feet from the curb. This allows enough room for the lift to be lowered properly. Let the driver know you need to use the lift, and be prepared to board. ChicaGo DASH drivers are thoroughly trained in operating the lift and will help you get on and off the lift if necessary.

The lift will beep when in motion. When it's lowered, the driver will indicate when it's safe to get on the platform. If you use a wheelchair, we recommend that you back the chair onto the lift. You also can board facing the driver if it's easier. Make sure your brakes are locked. Handrails are provided for extra safety. An attendant may ride on the lift with you and help you secure the safety belt. It is required that your mobility device be secured.

Each bus has two spaces at the rear for passengers in wheelchairs. These spaces include safety belts for extra protection. Once you get to this location, the driver is required to check the belts and make sure your chair is secured.

Exiting the Bus

The driver will activate the lift. If needed, the driver will help you unbuckle the wheelchair belts and position your chair to face outward on the lift. When you're in position, lock your brakes and shut off the power on motorized wheelchairs. If possible, hold the handrails.

When you reach ground level, unlock your brakes or turn on your power switch and move away from the lift.