Current School Resource Officers

Current School Resource Officers


Sergeant Pat Yokovich

Sgt. Yokovich, a 14 year veteran of the department, began his full-time assignment to Valparaiso High School in 2022. He also is the coordinator and instructor of the Junior Police Academy. In addition to that, Sgt. Yokovich is a Physical Tactics Instructor.  An officer's constant presence at the high school is necessary and encourages students, faculty and staff to openly communicate with the police department. Open communication builds trust in law enforcement, as well as security in the schools. It also allows officers to build lasting relationships with student alumni.


Officer Shannon Morris                                                               Officer Rob Fisher

Officer Morris, a 20 year veteran of the department, was assigned to the position of SRO in 2018. Officer Fisher, a 24 year veteran of the department, began his SRO assignment in 2020. Both officers coordinate the Drug Abuse Resistance and Education (D.A.R.E.) program, at their respective schools. This program is taught to students in Kindergarten through 8th grade in Valparaiso schools, including two private schools.

Sgt. Yokovich, Officers Morris and Fisher serve the schools in many capacities and bring a plethora of law enforcement specialties and experience to the schools. Officers Morris and Fisher also work closely with students and staff at all VCS elementary schools.

Safety Awareness

Sergeant Yokovich, Officer Morris, and Officer Fisher are certified School Safety Specialists, who attend school staff meetings and work with outside agencies, such as Porter County Juvenile Probation and the Department of Child Services. They coordinate presentations to students on a variety of topics ranging from bullying, Internet safety, alcohol and drug abuse resistance, the dangers of underage drinking and smoking/vaping, decision making, problem solving, and the consequences of poor decision making. Students and staff are frequently issued reminders and made aware of safety concerns that arise throughout the year, while maintaining a strong emphasis on crime prevention.

More Information

Sergeant Yokovich- Valparaiso High School  219.531.3070

Officer Morris- Thomas Jefferson Middle School  219.531.3140

Officer Fisher- Benjamin Franklin Middle School  219.531.3020