Greenway systems like Valparaiso Pathways and Greenways enhance the culture of their regions and protect historic resources in metropolitan areas. Successful greenway projects across the United States have served as new main streets, where neighbors meet, children play, and community groups gather to celebrate.

For cities and towns large and small, greenways have become cultural assets and focal points for community activities. Some communities sponsor greenway days to celebrate the outdoors and local traditions.

Community Involvement
Various walking and running events are held on greenways to support charity events or extend traditional sporting events. Many civic groups adopt segments of greenways for cleanup, litter removal, and environmental awareness programs. Some greenways, like San Antonio's Riverwalk, are the focal point not only for community activities, but also for economic development.

The richness and diversity of our historic and cultural resources are represented by locally or nationally significant historic sites and districts. The interpretation of historic and archeological sites along greenways can serve to increase the awareness and appreciation of the area's rich history. Greenways can also serve as vehicles to provide controlled public access to important cultural sites in a manner that promotes preservation and enhances interpretive opportunities.