Priority Loop Plan

The Priority Loop can be identified as a loop with the following boundaries:
  • East to Roosevelt Road
  • Foundation Meadows Park
  • North on Roosevelt to Vale Park
  • South on Campbell to Chicago (or Jefferson)
  • West to Campbell and beyond to West Side Annexation
The Priority Loop Plan is based on the following criteria:
  • Community / neighborhood need requests
  • Connections of links to destination points
  • Costs and funding sources for link
  • Follows the overall alternative transportation plan
  • How link applies to standards and pending impact for strategies
  • Link's potential for multi-users
  • Link's proximity to identified loop or existing link
  • Link's relation with other projects
  • Number of persons served by link
  • Partnerships (public and private)
  • Property availability
The Priority Loop matches much of the identified criteria noted below:
  • Encompasses / access 23 connectivity points including 10 schools and 10 parks / community centers
  • Links to existing Lakewood link
  • Loop is approximately 32,830 feet or 6.25 miles in length
  • Partners with Vale Park extension
  • Proximity to dense population
  • Proximity to the heart of the city (downtown businesses and government district)