Special Areas

Special Design Considerations
The Valparaiso Pathways and Greenways System routing plan calls for several areas that will require special design considerations. There are segment routes that in lieu of crossing busy streets and highways may potentially need to be routed under the highway using existing drainage way bridges.

There are other areas of the city where such bridges under crossings will not be possible. Where these occur the route segments have been located at major street intersections that are signaled. These intersections may need to be enhanced to provide this access and accessibility to the users.

Active Rail Lines
While there are no abandoned railroads within the city, there are active rail lines that cross through the city limits. Potential exists for possible utilization of the railroad right of way. This has been done successfully in other Indiana communities on active rail lines. The city and the railroad company should explore this trail option further.

Trail Segments
Trail segments have been noted occurring in areas of drainage ways and easements. These trail segments can have two-trail type applications. As a nature type trail, the trail composition may be an earthen trail surface. If utility vehicles will use the segment, it is recommended that the trail be multi-use, 12 feet in width, and made from an asphalt surface designed to handle traffic loads.

Bike Lanes
Where possible and feasible the city should consider the inclusion of bike lanes as part of the City Thoroughfare Plan. The design standards used for these applications should comply with both Indiana Department of Transportation and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials guidelines and requirements.