Matt Murphy 
                                          Matt Murphy

Message from the Mayor

I want to express my appreciation to the citizens of Valparaiso for giving me the opportunity to lead this great city. I promise to make decisions based upon the best interests of our citizens and institute polices that bring about long-term, common sense solutions to our challenges.


I was not elected to be a mere caretaker - the city deserves more. My goal is to boldly confront the issues facing our city and, with the help of our City Council, employees, and citizens, find and implement solutions to achieve success.

We enjoy a rich heritage and can anticipate a vibrant future. I believe we stand at the brink of wonderful opportunities and advancements. Through optimism, cooperation, and hard work, let us forge together the framework of a dynamic and progressive city. Please feel free to email me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Strategic Plan

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State of the City

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ValpoNEXT Visioning Plan

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