About the Commission

The Valparaiso Historic Preservation Commission was created by the City Council in 2000 after several community leaders spoke of concerns for the preservation of Valparaiso’s historic structures. Since its establishment, the commission has:
  • Conducted two successful walking tours
  • Created a brochure to guide the process
  • Established procedures for creating a local historic district
  • Initiated the sale and move of the Grand Truck Depot

The commission consists of five board members appointed by the mayor and includes local architects. Commission members are dedicated to preserving Valparaiso's historic structures.

Identifying Historic Structures
To identify historic structures, the Historic Preservation Commission uses the Porter County Interim report, which was completed by the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana in 1991. The commission makes itself available for preliminary assistance in researching historic properties and providing design assistance for rehabilitation and infill projects.

Historic Preservation
Historic preservation helps to protect historic homes, commercial buildings, and entire districts throughout the community that give a sense of connection to the community's past. These structures create an unique environment and feel to the community and help to strengthen the local economy by promoting tourism and encouraging investment. In their study entitled "Preservation and Property Values in Indiana," the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana determined that historic preservation designation can not only revitalize a once depressed neighborhood, but help to increase property values throughout the district.