Five Points Roundabout

UPDATE: This Project has been completed. 


5 Points Roundabout Rendering.jpg
Five Points Roundabout Rendering. Click here for a larger image.

Project History:

Work on the development of the Five Points Roundabout began back in 2008 when the City applied for and received a Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant. The purpose of the grant was to improve the safety of this highly traveled intersection by reducing the severity of crashes, something for which roundabouts are known. Funding through a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant has also been obtained, as the improvement offered by the roundabout will ease traffic congestion and subsequently reduce automobile emissions. Over 80% of the project cost will be funded through these grants with a local match being provided by the Redevelopment Commission.

Given the Federal Aid offered through these funding sources, this project has been designed in accordance with the standards and procedures of the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). Over the course of the past several years the city and its consultant, American Structurepoint, have developed traffic models and forecasts, surveys, environmental documents, geotechnical investigations, various design alternatives, met with property owners, obtained the necessary right-of-way to construct the project, and have finalized the design of the roundabout.

INDOT received and opened bids on Wednesday, March 6th. Walsh & Kelly was the low bidder, with a bid in the amount of $2,267,385. The other bids received were from G.E. Marshall ($2,289,118) and Rieth Riley ($2,405,798). The Engineer’s Estimate was $2,476,500. Walsh & Kelly was also the general contractor for the city’s first roundabout (Lincolnway/Sturdy/LaPorte) and the recent Silhavy & Vale Park Roundabout. The actual start date will be determined after the contracts are formally executed and once a pre-construction meeting is held between INDOT, the City, and the Contractor, likely around the middle of April.

The City is excited about the improvement that this important project will bring to this heavily traveled intersection. Over the past 3 years there have been 61 accidents at this intersection involving 11 personal injuries. Recurring types of accidents included: Head Ons, Right Angles, Disregarding the Signal, and Left Turns. Each of these types of accidents are virtually eliminated with the geometric configuration offered by roundabouts. Experience at the Eastgate Roundabout has shown that both travel times and accident severity are significantly reduced with roundabouts. We look forward to the same improvement at Five Points with this project.

Project Schedule

The actual start date of construction will be determined after contracts are executed, and a pre-construction meeting is held. INDOT will then issue the Notice to Proceed for the contractor to begin the work, likely around the middle of April. Utility companies are currently on site relocating their facilities to clear the way for construction to begin. The project will be completed by November 2013.

Traffic Closures and Restrictions:

The project will be constructed in three phases, shown in the exhibits to the right of each phase. The contractor will determine how long each phase will last, but will only be allowed to construct one phase at a time, and must lay out his work to achieve the final completion date set by the contract. Through traffic will be maintained throughout construction on Calumet Avenue for standard vehicles (see Truck Route description below), however construction will require closures at various times of each leg of Vale Park and Roosevelt.

Phase 1 – The first phase of construction will require the closure of Roosevelt Rd. Two-way traffic will be maintained and generally unimpeded on Calumet and Vale Park during this phase. Click Here for the Detour Map.