Recommended Trees for Landscaping

fall serviceberry.jpgThe right tree in the right place
"Autumn Brilliance" Serviceberry When choosing a tree for your yard, soil conditions, sun exposure and grow space are primary considerations. But you can also select trees that will provide habitat for birds, spring flowers, spectacular fall color, shade in summer, or provide a screen for wind, noise, or an unattractive view. A landscape center with knowledgeable staff can help you select trees and shrubs that will work best for your specific needs. As with any investment, it's wise to do a little research and ask plenty of questions.

Remember, if you wish to plant a tree in the city right of way (along the street), you must obtain permission from the Department of Public Works first, and the tree must be on the recommended tree list found at the link below.

Recommended Trees for Streets...

"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in"
--Greek Proverb