Economic Development Commission


Meetings are held as required at City Hall:
166 Lincolnway
Valparaiso, IN 46383


Nominated By
Patrick McGinley, President Porter County Council  December 31, 2022
Chris Campbell, Secretary City Council   December 31, 2023
Dale Clapp Mayor  December 31, 2023
Matt Vessely Mayor  December 31, 2023
Tim Warner Mayor  December 31, 2022


The City’s Economic Development Commission is established under Indiana Code § 36-7-12-4. The Commission has three members unless the City Council expands membership to five members. City Code 33.17(A) expanded the Commission to five members. The Mayor appoints all members to the Commission, although the City Council is empowered to nominate one person for the Mayor’s consideration and the Porter County Council is empowered to nominate one person for the Mayor’s consideration. The Member nominated by the Porter County Council and approved by the Mayor serves a one year term. The member nominated by the City Council and approved by the Mayor serves two year term. Members nominated and approved by the Mayor serve three year terms.

The primary function of the Economic Development Commission is to permit the use of conduit financing to enable private companies to borrow funds using the municipality’s name (usually to benefit from the municipality’s tax exempt status or the TIF generated by the private development) to finance economic development projects.

The Commission does not have regularly scheduled meetings and meets, when requested by the Mayor, City Council and/or Redevelopment Commission, when it is necessary to review a proposed project and offer guidance.

Past projects include recommending economic development bonds to assist the construction of low income senior housing and the construction of workforce housing with assistance from the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority.

Questions concerning the Commission should be directed to the City Law Department at

 Meeting Minutes            Resolutions
 October 25, 2021  2-2021 (Uptown East Apartments)
 September 13, 2021  1-2021 (Green Oaks of Valparaiso)
 November 9, 2020 1A-2020 (Calkins Hill) 
 March 9, 2020 1-2020 (Green Oaks of Valparaiso)


Past Economic Development Meetings