About Us

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Brief History:

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The Parks We've Helped Fund:

  • Central Park Plaza
  • Foundation Meadows
  • Butterfly Meadow & Caterpillar Crossing
  • Service Memorial-Veterans and Volunteers Plaza
  • Valplayso

The Projects We've Supported:

  • Lakewood Link
  • Flounder Skate Park at Rogers-Lakewood

The Experiences We've Developed:

  • Creekside Golf Course & Training Center

The Horizons We're Expanding:

  • Open Space Property Donations
  • Future Park Opportunities

What We Do:

The Valpo Parks Foundation supports the Valpo Parks system of facilities and programs through public and private partnerships.

It is our mission to provide a unique way for supporting and continuing the legacy of high quality Park experiences.

Current Board Members

Past Board Members

2012 Focus Area

  • 200 East Park playground replacement
  • Butterfly Meadow playground shelters

Future Focus Areas

  • Kiwanis Field
YOU Are Our Future

Current Board Members

- updated January 2013
The Following individuals graciously volunteer their time and effort to the Valpo Parks Foundation by serving on its Board of Directors:
Bruce Berner, Valparaiso University School of Law
Chris Campbell, Centier Bank
Natalie Connors, Purdue University North Central
Monica Decker, Flanagin Bulk Mail Service
Julie Douglas, Univ. of Notre Dame School of Law
Kaye Frataccia, retired from Valpo Schools
Cheryl Harmon, Porter
Jeff Lewis, Design Organization
Dan Marchetti, Urschel Laboratories
Mark Ritzi, Horizon Bank
Jerry Rodenbarger, Vale Park Animal Hospital
Jon Schmaltz, Burke Costanza Carberry LLP
John Seibert, Valpo Parks Foundation Executive Director
Nick Sommer, Century 21 Alliance Group
Martin Sonnenberg, Task Force Tips
Gerold L. Stout, Foundation Attorney with HWE Law
Diane Tiemann, CSI
Tim VerSchure, Lakeside Wealth Management Group

Past Board Members

We thank those who have served on our Valpo Parks Foundation Board of Directors in the past,
Bill Alexa
Debbie Anselm
Norm Backus
Bob Bilheimer
Mary Binder
Deb Butterfield
Jon Costas
Jan Dick
Ric Frataccia
Ordell Gertsmeier
Marilyn Gertsmeier
Marion Gill
Sharon Gott
Julia Hess
Shelley Hittinger
Mark Hubbard
Jim Hutton
Doug Klemz
Mary Kramer Leonard
Chris Mahlmann
Art Malasto
Stewart McMillan
Larry D. Moore
Bill Oeding
Gus Olympidis
Robert Pasquella
Doug Pierce
Jerry Rodenbarger
Walt Schramm
John Schnurlein
Mike Tanck
Nancy Urschel
Karen Vogelsang
Chuck Welter
Wayne Welter
Kathy Wehling

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