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Valparaiso Police Chief Mike Brickner

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Community Scam Alert

The Valparaiso Police have received numerous calls regarding individuals claiming to be from the federal government, many times either the FBI or the IRS. Individuals receive a phone call and the caller claims to be from a federal agencies informing them they have a warrant for their arrest or likely a warrant will be issued soon. The caller then explains, to void the warrant they need to pay a particular dollar amount and failure to pay the amount will result in their arrest.

These type of calls are scams. If an individual has a warrant for their arrest an officer will visit you and serve the warrant (many times will have the warrant in hand). The federal government will not call you and threaten to arrest you if you do not pay a particular dollar amount. Scam Alert!

Another recent scam occurred when a subject called and informed the caller that their grandson had been arrested out of state and they needed to send bond money for him. Always talk with family members or friends (to confirm the incident) prior to sending money. 

Beware of these types of scams that attempt to steal your money. If you have doubts, and it doesn’t sound correct, it likely is not correct and likely a scam. You can always call the organization back at a later time to confirm the information provided, after looking up the correct telephone number of the organization.


Follow the Valparaiso Police on Twitter @ Valparaisopd

The Valparaiso Police starting today, Monday November 17th will be providing information through twitter for individuals wishing to sign-up and following the Valparaiso Police Department on Twitter. 

Information being tweeted out from the Valparaiso Police Department will typically be public safety or general information  regarding an ongoing situation/incident when immediate information is needed to be provided  to the general public, for example-road closures due to a crash or police incident scene. 

Twitter will be just another source of information available to the general public. The Valparaiso Police Department will continue to use their website, Facebook page, Tip411 Alerts, Youtube and through their email notification system to distribute community information.