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What is an MS4?
MS4 stands for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System. An MS4 entity owns or operates a system for collecting and conveying stormwater. The purpose of the MS4 program is to maintain and benefit water quality in creeks, streams, and waterways by reducing pollutants in stormwater runoff. Click here for more information about the program.


The City of Valparaiso's MS4 program was recognized by Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) at the 2013 and 2014 MS4 Annual Meetings for multiple categories, including illicit discharge detection and elimination, post-construction stormwater runoff control, public education/participation through rain barrel decorating competition, and also stormwater management utilizing trees. Click 
here and here for the stories and Certificate of Recognition for 2013 and 2014, respectively.

Nature Lawn Care 101
You can help protect our water resources by performing nature lawn care. Click this link to learn how.  

Does your home have a septic system? Learn how to care for it properly. EPA’s SepticSmart initiative is a nation-wide public education effort that aims to inform homeowners living on properties serviced by septic systems on the importance of properly maintaining their septic system and provide valuable resources to help homeowners make important decisions regarding their wastewater management needs. Click this link to download "Dos and Don'ts" of your Septic System, and go here to check more SepticSmart tips.

News for Scoop the Poop Pet Waste Management Campaign
The doggie bags are back! We have purchased more dog waste bag dispensers, and they are available at City Hall and City Utilities Office, until supplies last. Pick up yours today.  

Updates to Rain Barrel Program
The City of Valparaiso's rain barrel program is done for this year, but you can still order rain barrels and accessories through Porter County's program from this link, if you are interested.
The Six Minimum Control Measures 
As required by the MS4 rules, the City of Valparaiso is implementing the six  Minimum Control Measures (MCMs). Learn about these components and what we are doing by clicking on the links.

Publication Resources

Additional Information
For additional information on what the MS4 Program is all about and what you can do on stormwater pollution prevention, please visit:

For more information, please contact Mingyan Zhou, the City of Valparaiso's MS4 Operator, at 219.462.1161.