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ChicaGO DASH Questions/Answers

Q: Why do you choose the Dash?

A: It’s comfortable, a good ride.  The drivers are good.  They are absolute consummate  professionals.  The buses are smooth, it’s comfortable, it doesn’t jerk and they get you  there on time.

A: It cut an hour off my commute, which was huge.  The Wi-Fi alone was worth it.  I can be  more productive on the bus than I was on the train when I have to get stuff done.  People  are friendlier.  The drivers are great.  A lot of benefits.  The Dash is very convenient.

A: You don’t have to deal with the cost of tolls, parking fees, let alone the wear and tear and  gas on your car.  It’s a great savings for us.


V-Line Questions/Answers

Q: Why do you typically ride the bus?  Is it for work, etc?

A: For everything – for work, for doctor visits, for shopping, for visiting friends and for  classes.

A: I like the drivers.  They are very entertaining.  It’s just nice to be able to get where ever  you need to go.  No other towns have a bus service.

A: People with cars and without cars rely on the V-Line a lot because of the price of car  repairs, gasoline, and it’s hard to find parking places.  It is really convenient to have.  It’s  always clean and very friendly.  I have never met a rude person.  The drivers are very  helpful when you are trying to figure out times.  The pamphlets are always here to help  figure out routes.