Road Closures/Restrictions

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September 6, 2017

Notice of Road Closure on Lincolnway from Garfield to Morgan Blvd starting September 11.

The city of Valparaiso’s Public Works Department has contracted Rieth-Riley to resurface Lincolnway from Garfield to Morgan Blvd. The scope of work and timelines are outlined below.

Scope: Remove and replace several inches of asphalt.
Background: Lincolnway is Valparaiso’s main arterial road. It is vital to the movement of goods and plays an important role in maintaining the vibrancy of our downtown. Unfortunately, it was constructed a very long time ago and the old, concrete road base, which is buried under several inches of asphalt, has significantly deteriorated.

• September 10 - Post No Parking signs on Lincolnway from Garfield to Morgan Blvd.
• September 11 - Close the same segment to all traffic. Detours will be in place. Parking is available on the side streets. Where possible, alleys can be used to access your property, however, DO NOT PARK IN THE ALLEYS. Given the depth of the repair, cars parked in driveways or lots with one exit/entrance onto Lincolnway will become trapped once work begins. Please move all vehicles to the side streets.
• September 16 - Work is scheduled to be complete and the road will be re-opened.

The city worked with Rieth-Riley and an elite pavement engineering firm to design a solution that would last up to 20 years, minimize disruption, and was affordable. I believe that our objectives were met. We are looking forward to a successful project. Please contact Public Works if you need additional assistance, or if you or someone you know requires accommodations due to a disability.

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