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The Valparaiso Police starting today, Monday November 17th will be providing information through twitter for individuals wishing to sign-up and following the Valparaiso Police Department on Twitter.

Information being tweeted out from the Valparaiso Police Department will typically be public safety or general information regarding an ongoing situation/incident when immediate information is needed to be provided to the general public, for example-road closures due to a crash or police incident scene.

Twitter will be just another source of information available to the general public. The Valparaiso Police Department will continue to use their website, Facebook page, Tip411 Alerts, Youtube and through their email notification system to distribute community information. 

Valparaiso Police Hire Three New Officers

January 16, 2017

This morning Chief Brickner and Mayor Jon Costas sworn to duty three new police officers at a ceremony in City Hall. Numerous officers, friends, family members and city employees attended the ceremony. The three officers sworn to duty were Stefan Kljajic, Joseph Cowser, Reuben Ingram.

Stefan 27 yrs old, is from Skokie Illinois and a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University (Bachelors) and holds a master's degree from Adler University in Emergency Management.
Joseph 22 yrs old, is from Crown Point and a graduate of University of Southern Indiana, majoring in Criminal Justice.
Reuben 30 yrs old, is from Valparaiso (Boone Grove H.S. Graduate) and a graduate of Columbia Southern University majoring in Information Technology.
All three will begin their training and duties immediately.  Congratulations to each of our new officers! 


             Valparaiso Police Launch New Program
A New Unmanned Aerial Program Initiated by Police

January 19, 2017

The Valparaiso Police Department is announcing a new Unmanned Aerial Program at the department. The Valparaiso Police Department is one of the first police departments to initiated an Unmanned Aerial Program in the State of Indiana.

The department currently has two devices. Both are equipped with cameras, one with a thermal imaging camera. Currently three officers are certified to utilize the unmanned aerial device, logging over 160 hours of training. Three additional officers are in training. The department holds two certifications of authorization through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Unmanned Ariel Systems will assist with locating missing persons, survey natural disasters, photograph fatal/serious crash and crime scenes. The drones will provide an additional support to police for many active emergency situations.  


Valparaiso Police Department Releases Major Crime Statistics

February 2, 2017
The Valparaiso Police Department is releasing major crime statistics for the City of Valparaiso for 2016. The major crime statistics (Category I Statistics) or the uniform crime reporting statistics must be reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on a monthly basis. Those statistics include: Homicide, Rape, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Vehicle Theft and Arson.

In 2016, the overall crime rate for the City of Valparaiso had a slight increase of 5% from 2015. This is the first increase since 2011. Overall crime statistics continue to decrease from where they were 10 years ago. In 2016, the city had a total of 603 major crimes compared to 1245 major crimes in 2006. A reduction of 50% in crime from 2006.

In 2016, the City again had no homicides recorded. No one category saw a big increase in 2016, though a number of categories saw small increases from 2015. Overall the increase was 32 crimes from 2015. Robberies increased by two incidents, aggravated assaults increased by 10, burglaries increased by five and thefts increased by 25 or 6%. Auto thefts decreased by seven incidents. A total of 862 arrests were made in 2016, compared to 860 in 2015.

Some of the many accomplishments this year included the department earning their third law enforcement accreditation award through CALEA. Three officers received awards for their duties while on patrol, Officers Allison, Officer Trueblood and Officer Sobierajski. Two new K9s were introduced to the department, bringing the total to five, the most in department history. A Valparaiso University Student Police Academy was initiated for the first time, to help strengthen student/police relationships.  A new Unmanned Aircraft Program (Drone) was also initiated in 2016.