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Follow the Valparaiso Police on Twitter @ Valparaisopd

The Valparaiso Police starting today, Monday November 17th will be providing information through twitter for individuals wishing to sign-up and following the Valparaiso Police Department on Twitter.

Information being tweeted out from the Valparaiso Police Department will typically be public safety or general information regarding an ongoing situation/incident when immediate information is needed to be provided to the general public, for example-road closures due to a crash or police incident scene.

Twitter will be just another source of information available to the general public. The Valparaiso Police Department will continue to use their website, Facebook page, Tip411 Alerts, Youtube and through their email notification system to distribute community information. 

  ____________________________________________________________________________________                                                                           False Alarm Ordinance to Reduce Yearly False Alarms

                                  Businesses and Residents with Police/ Fire Alarms Require Registration 


   In 2016 Valparaiso Police Officers responded to over 1400 police false alarms. A new city ordinance requiring alarms within the city limits to be registered has been initiated. Businesses and residences that have an alarm are now required to register them with the City of Valparaiso. Currently all alarms can be registered without a charge until July 31st.

Registration can be easily completed by logging on to the Valparaiso Police Department’s website at Individuals that fail to register their alarm are subject to fines. A new registration is required yearly.

The ordinance assesses fees to businesses and residential home owners that have an excessive number of false alarms within a calendar year. Many of these false alarms are due to human error. This is designed to bring awareness when individuals arm or disarm their alarms and reduce the false alarms. Individuals and businesses are fined on their third false alarm in a calendar year, the fine is $75.

Registration forms can be completed on line or completed and mailed. Everybody is encouraged to contact the Valparaiso Police Department if they have questions while registering their alarm. Contact the department at 462-2135.


November 29, 2018

                                                 Parking Reminder for Winter Snow Accumulation  

With winter quickly approaching, the Valparaiso Police Department would like to remind our residents and visitors to be mindful of parking during the season.  City Ordinance 72.04 states, “No person, except physicians on emergency calls, shall park a vehicle on any street when there is two or more inches of snow thereon.”  Police procedure will require the illegally parked vehicle to be tagged, with a request it be moved within 24-hours.  If the vehicle is not removed for proper clearing of the roads, it will be impounded.  Please help us take great care of our community this winter, making our roads safe for travel.   


 January 23, 2019
                                                           Accepting Applications for Patrol Officer

     The Valparaiso Police Department is accepting applications for Probationary Police Officer.  Applications are available at the Valparaiso Police Department, 355 Washington St., or at the department website,  The applications may be mailed back to the department or returned in person.  The minimum requirements to be considered for this opportunity are that the applicant must:  be 21 years of age or older, hold a high school degree or GED, be a United States Citizen, possess a valid driver’s license and have no prior felony convictions. 
      For more information about employment as a Valparaiso Police Officer, including a job description, log onto the Recruitment section of our website.  A lateral transfer program (salary) is also available to qualified applicants; however, testing is mandatory for employment consideration.