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Adult Women's & Coed Volleyball

Thank you for a great season. We hope to see you again next year.

Adult Soccer

2016 Adult Soccer League Schedule & Team Listing 
2016 Adult Soccer League Standings - Posted 7/21/16
2016 Adult Soccer Tournament Brackets - Posted 7/25/16

2015 Adult Summer Softball Leagues

Men's 2nd Half Schedule & Team Listing - Posted 6/13/16 
Women's 2nd Half Schedule & Team Listing - Posted 6/15/16 

Make-Up Information:

Games rained out on Wednesdays, June 29th & July 13th & Thursday, July 21 will be played on FRIDAY, JULY 22nd as follows: 
              FG1         FG2        FG3          FG4
7:00                      72-77      31-35        52-57 
8:00     75-77                       31-36        51-55
9:00     71-75        24-26      34-36        53-56

D & F Position round games scheduled for tonight - see below.     

Position Round Game Schedules for *NEW DATE* Monday, July 25th

"D" Position Rounds on FG #3
6:00    Shotgun Tailgaters vs. Men of Steel
7:00    Dirty Ballbags vs. Porter County Hitmen
8:00    Shiver Me Timbers vs. Serranos
9:00     Franklin House vs. Steindler Signs

"F" Position Rounds on FG #1
6:00    Bad News Beers vs. AJ's Pizza
7:00    Beer Gut vs. Duffy's Place II
8:00    Super Hitters vs. Whatever's Clever
9:00    Inglorious Batters vs. The Yellow Kings

"E" Position Rounds on FG #2 (times may change after Friday nights games)
6:00    TBD MacKenzie vs. The Company
7:00    Moose Knucklers vs. Average Joe's
8:00    Family Express vs. Sons of Pitches
9:00    Dirty's Finest vs. I'd Hit That




Men's Standings  - Posted 7/19/16 
Women's Standings - Posted 7/19/16
Coed Summer & Coed Sunday Standings - Posted 7/19/16

Tournament Brackets:


Men's Tournament Brackets
Women's Tournament Brackets
Coed Tournament Brackets

If you are unable to field a team for your tournament, please contact
Dan Lukes ASAP at  Thank you.  

2015 Ice Fishing Derby Results

2015 Ice Fishing Derby Results

Make Up Schedules

Youth and adult make up schedules may be accessed from the home page under programs and make up schedule.