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Below is a listing of neighborhood walking routes in Valparaiso. Simply select any route name listed below to view a map of the walking route for that area.

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All starting locations are located in Valparaiso, IN.

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1 Downtown 166 Lincolnway
2 Will Park 354 Morgan Blvd.
3 Porter Hospital / Valparaiso University 814 LaPorte
4 Heritage Valley Thornapple Way
5 Westside Park 157 Westside Park Ave.
6 Creekside Park 2355 Clifford Rd.
7 Jessee-Pifer Park / Ben Franklin Middle School 605 N. Campbell St.
8 Banta Neighborhood 605 Beech St.
9 Kirchhoff Park / Parkview Elementary 400 N. Roosevelt Rd.
10 Peachtree Loop McCord Rd. and Peachtree Ln.
11 Eisenhower Worthington Dr. and Glendale Blvd.
12 Glenrose Park / Thomas Jefferson Middle School 1400 Glendale Blvd.
13 Fairgrounds Park 704 McCord Rd.
14 Berkley Park Sheffield Dr. and Berkley Dr.
15 Northview Elementary 257 Northview Dr.
16 Forest Park / Ogden Gardens 451 Harrison Blvd.
17 Manchester Meadows Old Oak Dr. and Manchester Dr.
18 Windsor Park 150 W. and 400 N.
19 Valparaiso High School 2727 N. Campbell St.
20 Keystone Commons 2727 N. Campbell St.
21 Lakewood Link 3210 N. Campbell St.
22 Meridian Woods 4245 Meridian Woods Dr.
23 Bicentennial Park 175 Burlington Beach Rd.
24 Andover Meridian Dr. and Burlington Beach Rd.
25 Crosscreek Oak Grove Dr. and Bullseye Lake Rd.
26 Chandana Trail Country Club Rd. east of Calumet Ave.
27 North Post Office / Fire Department 2605 Cumberland Dr.
Bonus Vale Park Extension 2700 block of N. Campbell St.