Bus Schedule

Buses depart Valpo on weekday mornings and return from Chicago in the evenings. Morning boardings begin 15-30 minutes prior to scheduled departure times. Evening boardings begin at the scheduled time and depart shortly thereafter.

Please note that starting September 12th, 2016 the Dash no longer picks up at Franklin Street in the AFTERNOON. Instead, buses pick up at 350 S. Clark Street in front of the Board of Trade Building on the west side of the street. Buses will still drop off at the Franklin Stop in the mornings. The timetable for the Wacker/LaSalle stop has also been modified slightly to better reflect arrival times.
  1. Morning: From Valpo
  2. Evening: From Chicago
Stop Bus #1 Bus #2 Bus #3 Bus #4

260 Brown Street (Valparaiso)

5:50 AM 6:20 AM 6:40 AM 7:15 AM

333 S. Franklin St. (Chicago)

7:05 AM 7:40 AM 8:00 AM 8:36 AM

LaSalle & Wacker (Chicago)

7:15 AM 7:48 AM 8:09 AM 8:45 AM

Michigan & Randolph (Chicago)

7:24 AM 7:56 AM 8:15 AM 8:56 AM


The ChicaGo Dash does not operate on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Service may be reduced on the day before a holiday. Riders should check the website to confirm whether or not service is operating on the day before holidays. For more information,view the following Holiday Schedule 2017 .

Changes Due to Weather/Traffic/Events

The Dash may cancel or alter routes during severe weather or road closures. Should you have questions as to whether or not bus routes have been altered you may sign up for ALERTS, call the Dash office (219-476-9393), or check the website. Generally, if a weather event causes an alteration to evening routes, but not morning routes, those changes will be posted her and in the alert center by 12:00 PM on the day of.