plow4.jpg While snow is still falling, our plows will plow the centers of roadways allowing traffic to pass. When snowfall lets up, crews will return to plow the routes, getting as close to the curb as possible to clear all lanes and parking areas in the roadway and allowing access to mailboxes. During the night (8:00 pm - 4:00 am CT), plow crews concentrate on main arterials. After 4:00 am CT, subdivisions will be cleared to allow residents to get to work and school.

Cul de sacs are cleared initially by the large plow truck, which travels the outside of the circle along driveway entrances. Later the center of the cul de sac will be cleared by smaller trucks that can more easily maneuver the area. These drivers do their best to place the snow in an unobtrusive area.

View our Snow Shoveling Secrets Video for more information.

Road Salt

Road salt is used judiciously and spread primarily at intersections, railroad crossings, hills, curves, bridges, and school and hospital zones.

Excess Snow

Please understand that our plows cannot keep snow out of residents' driveways. Snow from the roadway is pushed from the center to the edges, and it is the homeowner's responsibility to clear the snow from the end of his or her driveway, as well as in front of the mailbox. This snow should not be placed back in the street.
  • City Code prohibits property owners to place snow from their property (driveways, sidewalks, etc.) in the street. (City Ordinance 72.53)
  • City Code prohibits parking on the street when snow is in excess of two inches until streets have been cleared. (City Ordinance 72.04)

Mailbox Damage

If you believe your mailbox is damaged by a city plow please see our policy on Mailbox Damage.

Sod/Landscape Damage

Plow damage to the sod in the right-of-way is one of the unavoidable side-effects of clearing the streets. In spring when the ground has thawed, our plow drivers inspect their routes, replacing rolled sod, filling in with topsoil, and planting grass seed wherever warranted. Curves are staked in fall by our drivers to help avoid damage, and homeowners wishing to stake their curb line are welcome to do so.

Residents who place landscaping (shrubs, stones, and plantings other than sod) or irrigation systems in the city right of way assume any liability for damage.