The Street Division of Valparaiso Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of more than 156 miles of streets and 134 cul de sacs including:
  • Patching, resurfacing, and sealing roadways, public parking areas, and alleys  2018 Proposed Paving List
  • Plowing snow and providing salt for city streets, parking lots, and alleys
  • Maintaining necessary detours and road closures
  • Providing any necessary assistance to police, fire, and EMS during emergency calls

Dumpster Permit

 The Streets Division is also responsible for issuing dumpster permits. These permits are free but must be filed at least 48 hours in advance for a dumpster to be placed in a public street or right of way. Forms are available at our office at 1855 Joliet Rd.

Street Sweeping

The division works to provide street sweeping through the use of two street sweepers. All city streets are swept at least twice annually. Street sweeping prevents debris and hazardous materials from building up in roadways, entering storm drains, and reaching our natural waterways.