Trash and Recycling


Due to the Labor Day holiday, trash and recycle will be delayed by one day for all Valparaiso City Services trash customers. Monday’s pick up will be on Tuesday, Tuesday will be picked up on Wednesday, Wednesday will be picked up on Thursday and Thursday will be picked up on Friday. You may call 219-462-6174 x2 in the event of an emergency.



Click HERE above to open a searchable map. Enter your address in the upper left hand corner (be sure to include "Valparaiso, IN"). This map will provide you with your Trash and Recycling Schedule and your Leaf Collection Zone.

The cost of weekly trash pick up for Valparaiso City residents is $12 per month.
Any additional trash cans have a monthly rate of $9 per month per can.
Residential customers may not opt out of the trash fee. 

The cost of weekly trash pick up for Valparaiso City businesses is $15 per month. 
Any additional trash cans have a monthly rate of $15 per can per month, up to 3 cans.  

Recycling is FREE in the City of Valparaiso

Trash Pickup Information:
  • Trash must be curbside by 7:00 am on the day of pick up. We can pick up your trash any time between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm on your day of pick up.
  • Place the can in the right of way with the arrow on the lid pointing toward the street.
  • Bag your trash; loose garbage will blow away when the can is dumped.
  • Do not place your can near obstructions (e.g. mailboxes, utility poles, parked cars, etc.).
  • Do not place hot ashes or flammable materials in your can. Damaged cans due to misuse will be the responsibility of the homeowner. Damaged can replacement cost is $60. 
  • Do not place any items on top of the trash can.
Items NOT Accepted:  

Extra Trash & Construction Debris:
  • If you have extra items that do not fit inside the City-Issued Trash Can, please make sure you palce them at the curb before 7:00am on your normal trash day. We send a separate truck to pick up any items outside of the trash can. 
  • Public Works does not accept extra trash and construction debris generated by privately hired contractors.
  • Debris such as carpet, lumber, etc. must be no longer than 4 feet in order to fit into the truck.
  • Extra trash and construction debris must weigh no more than 50 pounds. 
  • *For large demolition projects, contact a private waste hauler for your roll-off needs.*

  • Latex paint only (no oil based) will be picked up ONLY IF the paint has been dried. A drying agent such as cat litter or sawdust may be added.
  • Place paint cans next to your trash can with the lid off, for curbside pick up. Remember to contact us at (219) 462-6174 for pick up.  
  • To learn more about paint recycling or to purchase recycled paint please visit this website Paint Recycling.
  • If you will be placing items out on clean out weeks please contact us at (219) 462-6174.
  • The City encourages participation by all residents. 
  • ACCEPTABLE ITEMS -- Click the link to the view the flyer provided by Homewood Disposal.
  • All accepted recyclables go in the same container--no need to separate recyclables.
  • If you will be placing extra recycling at the curb please make sure you have it out before 7:00am on your normal day of pick up. We may need to send a separate truck out to pick these items up. 
Appliances & Electronics:
  • Electronic Items (anything with a plug) should never be placed in your garbage can as these cannot go into the landfill.
  • Place your electronics next to your can for pickup. We will send a separate truck out for these.