Honor Guard

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The Valparaiso Fire Department Honor Guard was established in 2011 and currently has 9 members on the team.  The Honor Guard acts as a symbol of what it means to be a Firefighter, and stands for: Honor, Duty, and Respect.  They hold great pride in being a part of this team, and spend many hours throughout the year practicing to stay sharp with the commands, and in close timing with each other's movements.

The functions performed by the VFD Honor Guard include:
  • Presenting our Nations Colors at ceremonies, events, parades, funerals, promotions, and competitions.
  • Casket Watch with changing of the Guard.
  • Folding of the Flag.
  • Marching in parades and ceremonies.
  • Assisting with coordination of funeral arrangements, swearing in and promotional ceremonies.
To request the Honor Guard at a local event, please contact H.G. Commander Danny Dever at 219.462.4772 or Fire Chief Chad Dutz at 219.462.8325.
2017 FDIC National Honor Guard Champions

​2017 FDIC National H.G. Champions

The Valparaiso Fire Department Honor Guard are National Champions after placing 1st in the National Honor Guard Competition held on April 28th, 2017 at the Fire Department Instructor's Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our team has practiced for many years to be precise and polished.