Mayor's Initiatives for Substance Abuse Prevention

In the first nine months of 2009, there were 277 ambulance transfers and 21 deaths in Porter County due to drug overdose. Porter County ranks as one of the highest in the nation for drug deaths per capita.

City Initiatives
The city of Valparaiso is working to face the problem of youth substance abuse and find long-term solutions. The city is leading an initiative that unites the community’s schools, law enforcement officers, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and faith-based organizations to foster a healthier city, announced Mayor Jon Costas. "We’re committing resources, organization, and enthusiasm to creating an environment where our young people know better and do better," he said. "It starts here. It starts now."

The city has also partnered with a number of leading organizations to initiate an aggressive new program, designed in conjunction with Porter-Starke Services, to address the county’s substance abuse problem - beginning with Valparaiso.

Please feel free to review the following documents to learn more about the task force's findings, summary reports, and prevention plan.