Coffee With A Cop

In 2013, the Valparaiso Police Department initiated a new community program called “Coffee with a Cop”. This new national program was started on July 26th at two local businesses in Valparaiso. The Viking Chili Bowl was the first and later the same morning Suzie’s Café hosted a meeting. For the year 2013 the Valparaiso Police Department hosted three events each at a different establishment in Valparaiso.

The Coffee with a Cop Program is a very simple concept. Police and community members come together in an informal, neutral space to discuss community issues, build relationships, and drink coffee. Coffee with a Cop provides a unique opportunity for community members to ask questions; learn more about the department’s work in Valparaiso neighborhoods and meet officers. In over 100 cities and towns in 24 states, Coffee with a Cop has done wonders for community trust, police legitimacy and partnership building.

 We would like to host additional events and if you are interested in hosting an event at your Valparaiso business please notify Capt. Joe Hall at (219) 462-2135.

coffee cop